Study Abroad – Top High School Program in Italy

In this article we are going to talk about a top high school in Italy which is part of a study abroad program offered by Nacel International. This program allows international students to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity where they get to enjoy the unique and often talked Italian lifestyle while at the same time assisting at a local high school (public).

Nacel International has a network of handpicked high schools in different parts of the world including Italy, hence making it possible to send students to a variety of destinations all over the world.

Student’s Requirements For Italy’s High School Program

Italy Scenery

The participants of this secondary school student exchange program in Italy must be open and ready to adapt to any placement location.  They should also have an open mindset and willing to get themselves involved with the families that have volunteered to host them, they will experience a new culture with a foreign family.

High School Option Types in Italy

Based on the needs of individual students, a student interested in this exchange program may enroll in one of the high school types listed below:

  • Liceo Classico (Classic High School)
  • Liceo Scientifico (Scientific High School)
  • Liceo Artistico (Fine Arts High School)
  • Istituto Magistrale (Teacher Training School)
  • Istituto d’Arte (Artistic School)
  • Istituti Tecnici (Technical Institute)
  • Istituti Professionali (Professional Institute)

Highlights of the Program:

High School Exchange Program in Italy

Upon coming to the school, students will be taken to an orientation camp in the great city of Milan. Once there, they will have the chance to meet other students who had previously enrolled into the exchange program and will then participate in an intensive linguistic course that consist of 4 hours daily for during 4 days. Students will also have to make it to the Milan Airport by themselves.

Every individual student will be given a local representative who will be given the task of ensuring the well-being of each student. There also will be local directors, usually high school teachers which will help the exchange international students to get to know their local area further more.

Previous Italian Language Preparation

For students who need to sharpen their Italian language skills previous to assisting to their High School program in Italy, Nacel provides a free e-learning platform in order for the the students to begin practicing their Italian before their arrival in the country.  Students can contact Nacel if they wish to learn more about the very useful and unique learning tool.

Students High Schools Program Application Time Frame

Students at High School in Italy

Students must apply for the student exchange program in Italy no less than six months before their expected admittance in any of the Italian high schools.

Late applications do have a possibility of being accepted, but the acceptance depends on the availability of places and on the amount of time it takes to process visas.

Students who are interested in joining this high school exchange program in Italy must be previously interviewed in their home country in order for them to be accepted.

Minimum Italian Language Requirements

Each student mus have at least two years of Italian language experience in order to get accepted in this program, they are also required to have good academic results in order to qualify for this study abroad program in Italy.

About Nacel International

Nacel International Educational TravelThe roots of Nacel date back to 1957, when a couple of teachers from France started establishing summer tutoring sessions in England for French students. Their aim was to deliver opportunities for these French students to improve language learning and understanding of another ethos via a well-organized and reasonably priced summer platform.

In the sixties these curricula grew inch by inch and were eventually introduced to Ireland. In l969, the directors decided to get some American educators of the French language to organize a home stay program in the summer for French students in the United States. Through the following years, courses with Germany, Mexico, Spain, and Canada were introduced.

From 1957, Nacel’s courses have given young students the opportunity to learn more about new cultures, new languages and to meet new places around the world.

Nacel’s courses bring people together to improve social and language knowledge and to endorse global companionship.  At Nacel’s offices located all over the world, they know the essential significance of devotion to a set of ethics rooted in reverence for a person or community despite of their race, ethnic origin, gender, and social or economical status.

The name “Nacel”is derived from the French word “nacelle,” which is basically the basket which is fastened to a hot air balloon, hence the reason one is displayed in the organization’s logo.  Much like the balloon travelers used long ago, the organization’s participants have a passion for exploration, are beyond fervent to learn about other people, and are more than willing to discover the value of different social mixtures.

No one learns about the same topic in the same exact way, just as no one has the exact same level of understanding as another, and no one has the exact same goal as another. Nacel International offers students a large assortment of study abroad programs in foreign countries, which will without doubt help students to grow and develop their personality.